Relaxation & Pregnancy Massage

What is relaxation & pregnancy massage?

Massage therapy holds many benefits for women during and after pregnancy, and can be performed during all trimesters. Pregnancy massage refers to both prenatal and postnatal massage therapy, and uses specially designed massage tables and/or pillows to accommodate the body during pregnancy. A relaxation and pregnancy massage can help soothe anxiety, lower stress levels, relieve pain in the back, neck and shoulders, enhance sleep, and increase the release of serotonin and dopamine for emotional wellbeing.

Who needs relaxation & pregnancy massage?

Prenatal and postnatal massage therapy is available to assist women in their health and wellness during and after pregnancy. Pregnancy massage can be performed during all stages of pregnancy, although written consent from a doctor may be required before performing this therapy, especially in patients who have a high-risk pregnancy, are in their first trimester or experience severe nausea, vomiting or morning sickness.

How does relaxation & pregnancy massage work?

Pregnancy massage needs to be performed by a trained and experienced professional who understands the body’s needs during pregnancy. There are countless different techniques for relaxation and pregnancy massage, each designed to prioritise the patient’s health and safety. Techniques from deep tissue massage and remedial massage may be used to relieve muscle pain and promote relaxation. Pregnancy massage techniques are adapted to safely target certain pain points and issues that the body experiences during different stages of pregnancy.

Price list

Initial consultation (60 Minutes)

  • -Medical history & movement assessment $125
  • -Hands on treatment
  • -Treatment plan and exercises

We will discuss your current and previous injuries, conditions and pain. Outline what can be expected during and after a myotherapy session. Together we will form a treatment plan that best suits your needs.


Standard consultation (45 Minutes)

  • -Reassessment of condition and progression $85
  • -Hands on treatment
  • -Treatment plan discussion

The ideal follow-up appointment length.


Short consultation (30 Minutes)

  • -Follow-up reassessment of condition and progression $73
  • -Hands on treatment of one area/ condition
  • -Treatment plan discussion

A short treatment ideal after having had recent previous treatments.


Extended consultation (60 Minutes)*

  • -Assessment of condition and movement $110
  • -Hands on treatment of multiple areas/conditions
  • -Treatment plan discussion

Perfect for your monthly tune-up or maintenance treatment if you have previously visited the clinic.

*Required for a full body massage.

*Hicaps facility is available for Myotherapy & Remedial massage depending on your private health cover.