Sports Massage

What is sports massage?

Sports massage is a massage therapy that helps repair muscle damage caused by physical activities. Sports massage is performed by manipulating muscles, tendons, ligaments and fascia, which is a connective tissue that lines other soft tissues. This massage technique aims to aid in correcting soft tissue imbalances due to strenuous physical activity and trauma such as sports injuries, physical labour and regular acts of pushing the body to its limits.

Who needs sports massage?

Athletes, fitness enthusiasts and physical labourers will greatly benefit from sports massage to relieve sore muscles, although this massage technique holds numerous benefits for people of all ages and professions. Sports massage enhances blood circulation and lymphatic system flow, gently soothes muscle spasms, removes metabolic waste after exercising, helps scar tissue align after sustaining an injury, and prepares the body for physical activities to help prevent future injuries while fast-tracking recovery.

How does sports massage work?

At Pivotal Health & Wellness, sports massage is performed by a trained professional who will carefully assess the patient’s condition and medical history to decide on the best course of treatment action. Based on the nature of the muscular pain or injury, sports massage typically combines various massage techniques such as stretching, trigger point release and to deliver lasting results. This therapy can be targeted at a specific muscle group or applied across the entire body to relieve muscle tension and knots.

Price list

Initial consultation (60 Minutes)

  • -Medical history & movement assessment $125
  • -Hands on treatment
  • -Treatment plan and exercises

We will discuss your current and previous injuries, conditions and pain. Outline what can be expected during and after a myotherapy session. Together we will form a treatment plan that best suits your needs.


Standard consultation (45 Minutes)

  • -Reassessment of condition and progression $85
  • -Hands on treatment
  • -Treatment plan discussion

The ideal follow-up appointment length.


Short consultation (30 Minutes)

  • -Follow-up reassessment of condition and progression $73
  • -Hands on treatment of one area/ condition
  • -Treatment plan discussion

A short treatment ideal after having had recent previous treatments.


Extended consultation (60 Minutes)*

  • -Assessment of condition and movement $110
  • -Hands on treatment of multiple areas/conditions
  • -Treatment plan discussion

Perfect for your monthly tune-up or maintenance treatment if you have previously visited the clinic.

*Required for a full body massage.

*Hicaps facility is available for Myotherapy & Remedial massage depending on your private health cover.