Pivotal Health & Wellness is a dedicated centre for health and wellness in Melbourne, Australia. Offering a range of premium services that promote wellbeing and support health, Pivotal takes a holistic approach to wellness by combining the treatment of pain and dysfunction with personal education and a prioritisation of mental and emotional wellbeing.

With professional myotherapist and deep tissue practitioner Keryn Arrowsmith at the helm, Pivotal is steered by over 14 years of experience in the health and wellness space. Our services include myotherapy, remedial massage, dry needling, sports massage, deep tissue treatment, and relaxation and pregnancy massage. We offer various consultation packages to thoroughly assess your condition, medical history and movement to create a specialised and hands-on treatment plan.

At Pivotal Health & Wellness, ongoing treatment plans that are functional and attainable are tailored to each client, achieving lasting results that cater to pain and dysfunction while educating and empowering patients to better manage their physical and emotional wellbeing in the future.