Price list

Initial consultation (75 Minutes)

  • -Medical history & movement assessment $125
  • -Hands on treatment
  • -Treatment plan and exercises

We will discuss your current and previous injuries, conditions and pain. Outline what can be expected during and after a myotherapy session. Together we will form a treatment plan that best suits your needs.


Standard consultation (45 Minutes)

  • -Reassessment of condition and progression $85
  • -Hands on treatment
  • -Treatment plan discussion

The ideal follow-up appointment length.


Short consultation (30 Minutes)

  • -Follow-up reassessment of condition and progression $73
  • -Hands on treatment of one area/ condition
  • -Treatment plan discussion

A short treatment ideal after having had recent previous treatments.


Extended consultation (60 Minutes)*

  • -Assessment of condition and movement $110
  • -Hands on treatment of multiple areas/conditions
  • -Treatment plan discussion

Perfect for your monthly tune-up or maintenance treatment if you have previously visited the clinic.

*Required for a full body massage.

Hicaps facility is available for Myotherapy & Remedial massage depending on your private health cover.